Why is Venus Hotter Than The Mercury?

Why is Venus Hotter Than The Mercury.

All of us have read about our Solar System in schools in childhood and after that in colleges. Our solar system has total 8 planets(excluding Pluto), which revolve around the sun, and the earth is also one of them. All these planets are located at different distances from the sun, And that is why the planets that are located near the sun are hot, and planets which far away from the sun, are very cold. It is very easy to understand that, anything that is closer to the heat, the warmer it will be, and anything that is far away from the heat, the cooler it will be. This rule also works on all the planets but except Mercury. Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun but still, it’s not the hottest planet. The hottest planet in our solar system is Venus which is the second nearest planet to the sun. So how this can be possible that the second nearest planet is hotter than the first one? So let’s find out, Why is Venus hotter than Mercury?

Reason Behind Why is Venus Hotter Than The Mercury

Why is Venus hotter than Mercury? This is a question that is often asked many people. So let’s start with the distance, out of all the 8 planets, the distance of Mercury is the lowest from the Sun. The Mercury is only 57,910,000 km (35983605mi) far away from the sun. After Mercury, Venus is the second nearest planet to the sun with the distance of 108,200,000km (67232362 mi). Now if you compare the distance of both of the planets from the sun, you will find that, compared to Mercury, Venus is almost two times away from the Sun, So if there is so much difference in distance, then how Venus is hotter than mercury? So the reason is the atmosphere.

Why is Venus Hotter Than The Mercury.

The different atmospheres of both planets are the reason that Mercury is hotter than Venus. Mercury’s atmosphere is very thin, made up of some light gases, and in which the amount of carbon dioxide is very small. On the other hand, Venus has a very thick atmosphere, which made up of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sulfuric acid, and in which the amount of carbon dioxide gas is so high. Now here in both of the lines, I have pointed out the carbon dioxide gas, that is because carbon dioxide is one of the major things that differ between the atmosphere of both of the planet.

The atmosphere of Mercury is very thin, and there is less amount of carbon dioxide, and that’s why its temperature fluctuates, which increases up to 427 Celsius (801 Fahrenheit) during the day time, and at night it goes down to -173 Celsius (-279 Fahrenheit), and that all depends on which side of the planet is facing the Sun.

But the condition of Venus is quite the opposite, the atmosphere of Venus is very thick, which is filled with carbon dioxide. Like other planets, during the day, the sun passed its light on this planet, but like other planets, it can not send back heat in the space, because the carbon dioxide present in the Venus clouds absorbs energy from infrared radiation very well and traps the heat on the planet and that’s why Venus always remains hot. And due to this, its temperature reaches up to 467 Celsius (872 Fahrenheit).

It can also be understood by a small example, Suppose you and one of your friend sitting in front of a fire, your friend is sitting closer to the fire than you but you have a blanket and he doesn’t. So, out of you two, who will feel more heat? So the answer is you.

Although as compared to your friend, you are sitting far from the fire, and you are getting less heat than your friend, but the heat that is reaching to you is healing the blanket with you, and the heat does not go out due to that blanket, that’s why you are feeling more heat. On the other hand, your friend is sitting closer to the fire, but the heat of the fire is passing through him, due to which he is getting heat but only that side, which he has done towards the fire. The second part of the body is still cold, the body is heating from one side and cool on the other side, and that’s why the temperature of your friend’s body is low as compared to yours. The same condition is also with Venus and Mercury, and that’s why Venus is hotter than Mercury.

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So hopefully, now you may have understood that why is Venus hotter than mercury, but still, if you have any questions in your mind regarding why is Venus hotter than mercury, so you can ask us in the comments section. And subscribe us for more science and technology stuff.


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