Vikendi Snow Map : Release Date, Vehicle, Weapons Everything You Need To Know

Vikendi Snow Map Release Date

Pubg Game, When it started, probably no one would have thought that the game will go so far, and the people will love it so much. But due to the hard work of the pubg team, today pubg has become one of the world’s top trending games. There was a time when pubg was launched with only a single map and single mode, but today, there are 3 different and best maps are available in pubg, and soon the 4th map is going to release. Maybe many of us do not know, but pubg’s new Vikendi Snow Map has been announced, and this time there is no rumor, it has been announced by the pubg team itself. The new Snow Map is releasing for all platforms of pubg, so before knowing the release date of the new Vikendi Snow Map, let us know about this map once.

What’s New In Vikendi Snow Map

Vikendi Snow Map, This will be the 4th map of pubg and probably the most upgraded map also. As per its name, it is a snow map, where you have to survive in snow and that makes it hard as compared to other maps. In this map of 6km x 6km size, you will get the land along with the snow, but you will get the snowy part more. Because this is a snow map, you will find a lot of new things in this map, Which will perfectly match with the conditions of this map, like new weapons, new outfitts, and most important new vehicles, which can easily move into ice like snow bikes. In this new Snow Map, you will be able to experience a lot more also, such as railway tracks, undergrounds, snowfall, old ruins, bridges and as well as night mode. Now I know after knowing about this map, you are so excited to experience it, So lets the releasing date of Vikendi Snow Map…

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Vikendi Snow Map Releasing Date 

The Vikendi Snow Map has been announced long ago, and since then, many rumors have been started about the releasing date of this map, but this time it is not a rumor because this time pubg corp confirmed the releasing date by itself. The releasing date of Vikendi Snow Map is different on all pubg platforms, so let’s know its releasing date on each platform separately.

Vikendi Snow Map In Pubg PC

For the PC version of Pubg, Vikendi Snow Map was announced before the rest of the platforms. And at present, this map is available in the testing version of Pubg PC So that the pubg team could fix its drawbacks before its live release on 19 December. So yes December 19 is the date since you will enjoy this map in the pc version of the pubg game.

Vikendi Snow Map In Pubg Mobile

Vikendi Snow Map Release DatePubg mobile users have received a new maintenance notice in their game, which states that the Vikendi Snow Map will release for pubg mobile on December 17, with a new update. And under this notice, along with Vikendi Snow Map update pubg mobile users will get some new changes also such as arabic language supoort, new cross over match and etc. For all these changes you have to update your gaming app, and after updating it, pubg mobile can go offline for one day on December 17, And if it goes offline you will be able to enjoy all the new changes and snow map on December 18. However, in this report it is written that “It is not necessary that with this update Vikendi Snow Map will be released, it may also take time.” But most probably, it will be released with this update.

Vikendi Snow Map For Ps4 And XBox One

Vikendi Snow Map is currently in the testing server for XBox one and Ps4, like the other two platforms (PC and Mobile), this map will not be available in December for XBox one and Ps4 users. As per the last announcement, this Snow Map will be available for Xbox One and PS4 users in January 2019.

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So here we are going to end this conversation and I hope this article will help you to know what’s new coming in Vikendi Snow Map and what’s the releasing date of Vikendi Snow Map. And if have any questions about it, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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