Vodafone 4G R217 MiFi Device Launched with Fast Internet Service

In today’s world Internet become the another basic need of our society. And there is so many internet service provider and with so many different offers. And this time Vodafone comes with their new Vodafone 4G R217 MiFi Device. It looks that it launched to compete with Jio MiFi device. Most of the features of this device similar to Jio MiFi Device and the noticeable one from them is Internet speed.Vodafone 4G R217 MiFi Device looks

Vodafone MiFi features – So starting from the looks of Vodafone 4G R217 MiFi Device. It is a small portable device which made with mixture of Hard Plastic and fiber glass. It has only 78g weight and the dimensions of R217 MiFi Device is 87.6 x 59.6 x 12.9mm.It featured Plug and play with intuitive Web User Interface. Now move to the most important thing about the Internet Speed, Vodafone 4G R217 MiFi Device gives you upto 150mb per second download speed. But it is the Highest speed so it’s not possible that every time you got this speed. The uploading speed is upto 50mb per second which is a average uploading speed. Both the Downloading and Uploading speed is similar to Jio MiFi Device. Storage is the another feature of Vodafone 4G R217 MiFi Device. R217 MiFi Device has not a internal storage but it supports Micro-sd cards as external storage upto 32gb. Now turn to the battery of Vodafone 4G R217 MiFi Device , it has a Powerfully battery of 1800mAh which gives you 7 hours of long lasting battery backup.Vodafone 4G R217 MiFi Device app It has WPS Authentication in addition to regular WiFi password based authentication and Hotspot Monitoring App which works on both mobile and tablet. Total 15 members can link with the WiFi connection at a time. And you can get all the information about the remaining internet and people who linked with your WiFi by using Hotspot Monitoring App.

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Price and Availability – Vodafone 4G R217 MiFi Device launched yesterday. The exact price of this Device is 3690 but this time you can get one, with the price of 1950. So overall a profitable deal it is if you purchased it. And send us your reviews and suggestions.


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