What Is The Difference Between VR And AR

What is the Difference Between VR And AR

We heard both of the word VR (virtual reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) many times But many of us do not know about them, and those who knows, thinks that they are same, but actually they are not. They are related to each other but also there are so many differences between them. So let’s find out What is the difference between VR and AR…

What Is The Difference Between VR And AR

Both the VR and AR are the latest entertainment technologies which gives us amazing fun experience, and as I already mentioned, they are related but also there are so many differences between them, so to understand the difference between VR and AR, we have to know them separately. So let’s first start with VR (Virtual Reality)…

What Is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, you can understand it by its name, virtual and reality means a combination of virtual world and reality. This technology separates us from the real world where we exactly are and lets us realize that we are elsewhere. Virtual reality technology creates an artificial environment in front of our eyes using the VR Headsets. Virtual Reality is based on 3D technology, which makes us realize that whatever we are watching in VR headset, it is happening in reality. From this technology, you can be shown anything anywhere, such as you are sitting in a room but you can see yourself in space, or flying in the sky, or stuck between the war.What Is The Difference Between VR And AR and what is virtual reality

In order to make these scenes feel completely realistic, the same sound is played with these scenes and, all these visuals are also changes according to your movement, So if you put your head upwards then you will see the above scenes, and if you put your head down, then lower scenes will appear in front of your eyes. So with the virtual reality technology if you feel yourself sitting on the beach then you can see both the open sky and the flowing sea together. So now you know what is Virtual reality, now let’s see what is Augmented Reality…

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What Is Augmented Reality

Just like virtual reality technology, Augmented Reality also shows us virtual things but it does not separate us from the real world. Augmented Reality uses the real world and adds virtual things into it and makes us realize that all these virtual things are real and in front of us. Like we need VR headset for virtual reality technology, there is also a special type of glasses used for Augmented Reality called Augmented Reality glasses. These glasses are transparent, Which shows us virtual things in our world. Although apart from these glasses there are other options are also available to feel Augmented Reality technology. You can also feel the Augmented Reality with open eyes through some apps, and the Pokemon Go Game is the biggest example of that. In Pokemon Go game you have seen pokemon at your house, on the way, in college, all of them are visible in our real world and that is all happens because of Augmented Reality.

What Is The Difference Between VR And AR and what is Augmented reality

Apart from Movies and Games, Augmented Reality is used to prepare many business graphs, building modules, and training classes. Augmented Reality is upgraded technology compared to Virtual Reality, and many big companies such as Samsung and Apple are adopting it and investing in this technique. So this is all about Augmented Reality.

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So now you know what is the difference between VR and AR technologies, and if you want to know more about them you can watch the video I shared in the beginning. overall both the VR and AR technologies are the greatest invention of our generation, and both are important to us. And still, if you have any questions about both of the technologies, you can ask us in the comments section.


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