What Is GodMode And How To Enable It

What Is GodMode And How To Enable It
What Is GodMode And How To Enable It

There are millions of computer users in the world and most of the computer users using computer only for playing games, watching movies and listening to songs. Even they don’t know about lots of computer configuration which are important and helpful for them. And that’s all happens because most of the important computer settings are situated in control panel and inside of different kind of options like [Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Center] so it’s hard to find them easily. And that is the main reason why most of the computer user doesn’t know about them or ignore them. But what if I told you there is a way to put all your Computer settings in a single folder so what would you do? I know most of us don’t know about it, but there is a way called GodMode and with the help of this we can find all our computer settings in a single folder. So let’s know together what is GodMode and How to Enable it ….

What Is GodMode

GodMode is a hidden feature of windows most of the computer users still don’t know about it. It firstly found with windows 7 and from then to now it Available in all windows version. There is not a big rocket science behind it, it is only a folder where you can find most of the important settings of your computer. It helps you to find and access more than 200 small and big configuration options in a single place, which you can’t find directly. GodMode founded with windows 7 but it also works with windows vista but there is the only condition and that is, you can use it with only 32-bit version. It does not give you any extra function, it only helps you to get easily what settings options your PC has.

What Is GodMode And How To Enable It
What Is GodMode 

Now I think you understand very well What is GodMode and for enable this folder on your pc, you have to follow these easy steps..

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How To Enable GodMode

So there is nothing hard behind it, and if you follow these steps it will take only a few minutes to enable GodMode …

Note : Windows XP Does Not Support GodMode

Step 1 – Comes to the desktop and create a New Folder there. It is important to create a new because if you will use an old one GodMode hide all your data of old folder.

Step 2 – Give this name to the new folder which given below.

” God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} “

You can replace the starting “God Mode” word by any other word but remember it’s important to rest of the name is same as above

Step 3 – Now press enter and you will find that the new folder created and its icon changed into the control panel icon.

Step 4 – And now you can access this folder and it helps you to find computer settings quickly and easily.

so these are the simple steps to enable GodMode in Windows and the same process will work with all windows version who supported it.

How To Disable GodMode

Different people with different minds, so it may also possible that some users don’t like it or they used an old folder where their important data saved, so there is no need to be worry because there is also a way to disable it and get all your data back.

So for disabling it, you can simply delete it but if you want to get back your data, you need to rename this folder via using “Ren” in the command prompt at the location of GodMode folder.

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So now I hope that you know very well What is GodMode and How To enable it or disable it. Now I am sure you will surely take the advantages of this folder. And Regarding what is GodMode and its enabling process if you have any suggestions and feedback for us so write down us in the comments box.


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