What Is Google Backup Codes And How To Use Them

what is google backup codes and how to use them
what is google backup codes and how to use them

Generation of ours using lots of social media platforms, via applications and websites, And there we share many of our information with people, private and publicly. So it’s important to become secure with unknown sources, who want to hack our accounts and stole our information. Recently it happened with Facebook where more than 50 million accounts are hacked, so it may be possible with your Google accounts also. So for a better security, you can use USB Key and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). USB key security is a costly way to secure your Google account so you can use Google’s 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) way and with that whenever you try to log in your google account with other new devices, it will send a One Time Password to your registered no and then you can your account by putting the code but what will happen when you don’t have your mobile at that condition. So in that kind of condition you need Google BackUp Codes. So let’s know first What is Google BackUp Codes ….

What Is Google BackUp Codes

Google Provide us 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security to secure our google account and as we already mentioned that if we trying log into our any google accounts like Gmail, Google drive or etc. it asks id password and then a One Time Password which Google send to our registered mobile no. But what if you don’t have your mobile that time so Google gives you another way to prove that you are the right person to access this account and another way is Google Backup Codes . Google provides you a list of backup codes which you can use while signing in from new devices. When you use these codes then you don’t need to require a One Time Password, so you can log in without the help of tour mobile. But it is also important to save these codes in the right place because if someone finds these codes so it may be dangerous. Google Backup Codes are usually an Eight digit codes and google gives you a list of them because you can not use a backup code twice so every time you have to use a new code. And once you used all codes you can request for new. So let’s know where you can find Google Backup codes …

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How To Find Google Backup Codes

So there is an easy process to find Backup Codes for your google account, you just need to follow these steps…

Google Backup Codes on Android Devices

1. Open the settings of your Android device and select the account option.

2. In the account, section selects Google and then tap on Manage Your Google Account.

3. Now select the Security option and then click on 2 step verification.

4. Now it asked for your google account password so open it with your password.

5. Now there is option Back Codes open it and then select the option Show Codes. 

6. Now you can see the list so print it or download it to any safe place.

Google Backup Codes on Computer

You can also use this process on your smartphones without any applications.

1. Open Your Google account and go to the 2 step verification option.

2. Now the further process is the same as android. So select the option Back Codes and then Show codes.

3. Now Download and print the list of Google BackUp Codes to a Safe folder.

So these are a few simple steps for both Android smartphones and computers. There are such conditions happen when you forgot the folder where you saved the backup code file so don’t worry if you did not change the file name you can find the backup code file easily, just search [email protected] and you will find it.

How To Use Google BackUp Codes

Using Google BackUp Codes are also easy but important thing is that you can use a backup code only one time. So follow these simple steps to use google backup codes ….

1 . Open your any google account on a new device and sign in.

2. Now put your Id and then Password into the correct fields and tap on Sign in.How to use google backup Codes

3. After that, it gives you some options for sign in, as you can see in this picture, so select the option of Google BackUp Codes for sign in.

4. Now enter anyone backup code from the list which never used and then you can sign into your google account.

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So this the process to use Google BackUp Codes and with that now you know how to find Google BackUp Codes and once you used all of them you can get new from where you find them the first time. You find an option Get codes option there and by clicking on this you will get new BackUp Codes. And if you have any questions or feedback regarding this article write us down in the comments box.


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