What Is Google Neighbourly App And How It Works

google neighbourly app

There are so many search engines like Google, Yahoo, being, which provide us all the information from around the world, and even we can found information about our nearest hotels, gyms, restaurants, schools, malls, etc.. But what is going on around us, which place is safe for us, or finding a small shop, it is still difficult to get all this information on the search engines. But don’t worry Google has also taken out a solution for this, which is Google Neighbourly App. Google Neighbourly App provides all the activities, places and all the information we have around us, through the people living in our own neighborhood. so let’s find out what’s Google Neighbourly App and how it works?

What is Google Neighborly App

Google Neighborly App is an information application created by Google India, which has just been launched a few months ago. This application is especially for bigger countries like India, where you can find something new in each street. At present, it released in India only, and in the first phase in India, it was just released for Mumbai and Jaipur, but now Google India is going to release this app in every city of India. The Google Neighbourly App connects you with the things around you, I know its confusing so let’s take an example, suppose you shifted to a new town and you have to find the best cyber cafe nearby your location, you searched it on the Internet and you found one, which has all the good reviews. Then you went there and found out that the cyber cafe was closed forever and its information was not updated on the Internet. So, in that case, you wasted your precious time and still, your work is incomplete. But the same thing if you ask people around you, you will get all the correct information about this new place. And Google Neighbourly App does the same thing, it gives you all the information around you through the people around you, that too just sitting at home. You just need to post your question and you will get the answers from the people living around you. I think from this example you might have come to know what is Google Neighbourly App and how helpful is it to you? So let’s know now, how does it work?

Google Neighbourly App Supports English And 8 Other Indian Languages

How Google Neighbourly App Works 

google neighbourly appThe Google Neighbourly App is very easy to use, you have to install it, add your information such as location, profile pic etc. and then you can ask questions about your local area. After that, your question goes to other people around you, who are using the app and then people who know the correct answer to your question answers you. You can also ask questions by speaking. The Google Neighbourly App also takes care of the privacy of its users and so you can use it without any concerns, it won’t share your personal information like mail id, phone no. Etc. And apart of asking questions If you answer someone else’s question then you can get the reward also. So overall this application is not only connects us but also gives us the chance to make humanity strong by helping each other.

You will be able to run Google Neighbourly App in only those Smartphones Which has Android Version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and Above.  

How To Install Google Neighbourly App

The Google Neighbourly App has just released their beta version, which has been downloaded by over 1.5 million people. It’s very easy to download and install this app, just follow these steps…

1. Open the play store and search for Google Neighbourly App.

2. Download and Install the app by clicking on Install option.

3. After installation open the app and sign in with your Google Account.

4. Now share your location with your neighbours to connect yourself with them.

So this is just a few easy steps, after completing this process, you can edit your details if desired, and also set your profile pic.

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So that is all about Now share your location to connect yourself with your neighbours. It is truly an amazing application which is really helpful. So download it and enjoy its services and if you have any questions about it, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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