About Google Stadia: The Upcoming Gaming Platform

What is google stadia How Google stadia works how to use google stadia price of google stadia everything about google stadia

Remember that magical box of old stories, whenever it was open, always used to give some gifts, Google is that magical box of our today’s modern world, which always keeps on releasing some of the amazing services for us. And this time Google is ready again with its another best service, and the new and exciting service Google is going to launch is Google Stadia. Google Stadia is the upcoming game streaming service of google which announced by google team at the recently held Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Google Stadia is the next generation gaming service which allows you to play big AAA categories game without requiring any special hardware. I know it seem unusual but this is true, with google stadia, google is providing so many unusual and amazing services to their users. So to frank you with this new gaming service, here we are sharing everything you need to know about this service, so let’s start with the introduction and know What is Google Stadia service?

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is Google’s upcoming game streaming service, which will give the access to users to play all the High rated 4K games such as Assassin creed without downloading and without requiring any expensive and special hardware. Google Stadia is a revolutionary step taken by Google towards future gaming. This service is most helpful for those, who love games and want to play big games but unfortunately, they fail to do that because they cannot afford special and expensive hardware which is important to run any big game. But very soon after the releasing of Google Stadia, we’ll not face this problem again. Google stadia will not only help us with expensive hardware but also it will save our time and money, confused, how? So whenever a new game launched we need to purchase it to play and after purchasing we waited hours for completing the Download process, but once when the Google stadia service will launch then we won’t need to go through this process, We will simply click on a play button and play games within 5 seconds without purchasing any game and without downloading any game. So in simple words, Google Stadia is a new upcoming online gaming service from Google which allows users to play all the big games in 4K HD quality and 60fps and for that, you don’t need to buy any expensive graphic cards and laptop and PC. Now you understand what is Google stadia but you’re looking confused that how can this will become possible that we will play big games without requiring any special equipment, so let’s see how Google stadia will work?

How Google Stadia Works?

As i mentioned above that, every big game needs some special hardwares like Graphic cards, hi-tech processor etc., So do here but here with Google Stadia service, instead of you google will fill all the requirements of the game from their data centres. Google will provide everything what the game needs for running. In the official blog post of google, Phil Harrison who is the Vice President and GM of Google Stadia, also shared that how this service works, he mentioned that,

“When players use Stadia, they’ll be able to access their games at all times, and on virtually any screen. And developers will have access to nearly unlimited resources to create the games they’ve always dreamed of. It’s a powerful hardware stack combining server class GPU, CPU, memory and storage, and with the power of Google’s data center infrastructure, Stadia can evolve as quickly as the imagination of game creators.”

So what you have to do, just have to play the game and the rest of the requirements of the game will be fulfilled by Google itself. Now let’s know what you will require to play games on Google Stadia?

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What You Will Require To Play Games On Google Stadia

So as i assure you above, you won’t need any special and expensive hardware to play games on Google stadia but still there are few common things which you will need, so what are they? So very first you need a device in which you will access the Google stadia service. You can use this service on any Pixel smartphone or Chromecast Ultra device but don’t worry if you don’t have these because you can also access google Stadia service on your regular PC, smartphone and TV(With Chrome cast) using the Google Chrome Browser. Second and another important thing which you will need to play games on google Stadia is a high speed Internet connectivity. As of now, Google Stadia will only work with the internet speeds above 25 Mbps. Why 25mbps? Because this service of google will provide you games on 4k resolution with 60fps and to play them without any lag problem you will need a high internet speed.

Game Streaming Quality You Will Get On Google Stadia

Although i already mentioned the streaming quality which you will get on Google Stadia but let’s talk about it again. Google Stadia is going to provide you the access to play games at 60 fps in 4K HDR quality that means you will be able to play games at 1080 pixel which currently available on only powerful gaming laptops. But there is one thing that will affect on your gaming quality is your internet speed, the more faster your internet connection will, the more better quality you will get.

Multiplayer Games On Google Stadia

What is google stadia How Google stadia works how to use google stadia price of google stadia everything about google stadia..

With Google Stadia, Google is going to make your experience better with Multiplayer Games. With this service, Google is going to improve most of the current problems which we facing to play any multiplayer games online. To make multiplayer games such as Apex legends, FIFA 2019 to be more reliable to play, Google is implementing its no latency plan in which, the game client and the multiplayer server will be hosted on the same Google Data Center. Google will also offers cross-platform compatibility with a hacking proof and cheating proof gaming environment.

Google Stadia : Stream Connect

With this service, Google is going to release a new “Stream Connect” feature, which will allow the developers to break the limitations of couch-based co-op. In couch-based co-op games we get two views of the same game and that creates extra load on the system and to free some extra load, developers have to reduce the quality of both two views of the game. And due to the poor quality no one like play these games at present, but with this new Stream Connect feature Google is going to give some to the developers because With Stream Connect developers won’t have to worry about reducing the quality of their game. That will happen because each view of the game will be powered by separate Stadia server and that will allows developers to add as many views as they want.

Crowd Play On Google Stadia

Crowd Play is another amazing Streaming feature of Google Stadia. This feature is especially for YouTube game streamers. This feature allows you all the YouTube game streamers to play game with your viewers and followers. It is also helpful for those who want to play games with their favorite Youtuber gamers and this feature gives them a chance to show their skills to their favourite Youtuber gamers. So whenever YouTube game streamers will play a game on google stadia, the gamer can create a lobby where the followers can apply to play and the youtuber can accept their requests.

What is google stadia How Google stadia works how to use google stadia price of google stadia everything about google stadia

Games You Will Get On Google Stadia

Although Google promised that you will get so many AAA titles games on Google Stadia but you have to wait to for them. The only games you will get in the beginning are, the most popular “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” and the new game of Doom franchise’s “Doom Eternal”. The other upcoming games will be totally depended on the audience count and if Google will get a good count of audience then may be you will get so many big games, for which you are wishing from a long time.

Availablity And Price Of Google Stadia

I know, after knowing all the features of Google Stadia you might be excited about joining this online streaming platform, but the sad news is, currently both the starting date and the price of this service not revealed by Google. Team Google said that this gaming service will be released in 2019 but they did not mention any specific date or month. Hopefully, we will get this service very soon. In the beginning, this service will be available only in the USA, Canada, UK, and most of the European countries. But maybe after some time, Google will launch it globally like their other services.

Future Of Google Stadia

Although this is a next generation step towards gaming but still everything depends on the mindsets of users because in the past few services like this got already flopped so we cannot be sure about its success. Price is another important thing which will matters a most behind the success of Google Stadia if google will release this service at an ok price then the success chances will become high. The third and the most important thing is internet speed because the required predicted internet speed for this service is over 25mbps, getting which will maybe not possible for everyone and I think that will be the part which makes this deal very hard. But still, there are so many plus points which can make this new step successful.

So over all an amazing online gaming service is coming Which will provide an equal platform to all gamers. As my opinion if you love gaming, you have to try google stadia once. So this is everything about Google’s new gaming service Google Stadia,. Hopefully, you understand everything but still if you’ve any questions about it, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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