What Is I Love You Virus And How It Became One Of The Most Destructive Viruses Of All Time

What Is I Love You Virus And How i love you virus works
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I love You Virus, it sounds like a funny and romantic virus, but those who have encountered it do not think so. I Love You virus, which is also known as Love letter virus or Love Bug, is included in the list of the world’s most destructive viruses. It was 2000 when computers and the internet had started around the world, although at that time nobody had so much information about computer viruses, perhaps that’s why this virus was so easy to spread. It was not that it was the first computer virus of that time, even before some computer viruses had been attacked, but no virus did much harm than the I Love You virus.

What Is I Love You Virus

5th of May, 2000, It was Friday and it just started, that suddenly the complaints of employees from lots of offices started coming, that their internet system got clogged, so that they are having trouble in working, at first sight it seemed like it was an internet server problem, but as the day progressed, it had been known that it was not only happening in an office or a region, the complaint was coming from many places of the world, in which Asia, Europe, and the United States were main.

It was revealed in the inquiry that at the first sight which we were considering as a server issue, that was not a server issue, but it was a virus that was spreading rapidly. This virus had stopped the work of major offices, it became important to stop it but for that, it was very necessary to know the beginning of the virus that from where it came? But what was even more important than this was to know how this virus spreads. So that it can be stopped.

How I Love You Virus Spreads

When it was examined, a surprising thing was revealed that all the people who were facing this problem had received a common email, which was a love letter. Although the sender was different for each but the mail was the same for all. So what was so special in that mail?

The name and all the details of this virus belonged to this email. Let’s start by the subject of this mail, so the subject of this mail was I Love You, due to which the name of this virus was named I Love You Virus. The content of this email was, Kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me.

What Is I Love You Virus And How It works

But only opening the email did not activate the I love you virus, opening the attached file did. The attached file was a .VBS file named LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs, which people were eagerly open, their curiosity was so high so that they did not notice the extension .vbs which was written after the .txt. They thought that this is a text document that can be a love letter or a funny letter. But that attached file was a .VBS file, a Visual Basic Script. VBS is a programming language that belongs to Microsoft’s systems, .VBS file is actually a type of instruction file, which gives order to computers to perform some certain task.

And when people opened this attachment, I Love You Virus accessed their Microsoft Outlook address book and forwarded the same mail to their contacts. This virus also modified their windows registry so that the file would be executed every time the system was booted. It located any files with .hta, .js, .jse, .css, .wsh, .sct, .jpg, .jpeg, .vbs, .vbe, and .doc, and change their code to its own code in these files, to create a backup for the virus. The virus hid the file with .mp2 and .mp3 (multimedia) and created copies of itself in their names.

I Love You Virus downloaded a file from the Internet in all those infected computers, with the help of which the virus stole all the passwords of users from those computers and sent them to a specific email id. At that time almost all organizations used Microsoft Outlook for mail, and this was also one of the reasons that I Love You Virus spread very quickly. The effect of this virus was so high that, big companies such as ford motors, establishments like the Pentagon and the British Parliament, had to be offline for some time.

How Much It Infected

I Love You Virus had infected almost 50 million computers worldwide in just 10 days, at that time 10% of all the computers around the world. This Virus caused a loss of between $ 5 to 9 billion globally, later the United States spent $ 15 billion to deal with I Love You virus.

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Creator Of I Love You Virus

Later, when investigations proceeded, it came to light that the I Love You virus started in the Philippines, after that it reached the united states and European countries through the hong kong. later than the Filipino authorities arrested the masterminds behind the I Love You virus. Their names are Reonel Ramones, Onel De Guzman, which were dropouts from the manila university. Onel De Guzman and Reonel Ramone were arrested but weren’t imprisoned, because at that time the laws of Cybersecurity weren’t that strong.

What Is I Love You Virus And How It works and creator of i love you virus
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So that is everything about one of the world’s all-time most destructive viruses. Hopefully, now you have become aware of everything related to this computer virus but still, if you have any questions related to I Love You virus then you can share it with us in the comments section.


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