What is I3S Technology And How It Works

What is I3S Technology And How I3S technology Works

What is I3S technology

I3S technology means Idle Stop-Start System technology. This technology is developed by Hero MotoCorp to improve the mileage of bikes. It was mainly developed for cars but it used in a bike first time; Hero Splendor iSmart bike. This technique is specially designed to increase mileage in vehicles and reduce pollution, especially for countries where traffic jams are a major problem. I3S technology automatically switches off the engine of the bike when not needed such as in traffic jams and railway crossings. And then when you need to start the bike again, you can switch on the bike engine by simply press clutch.

How I3S Technology Works

The I3S tech, developed by hero motocorp, first time implemented in the Hero Splendor iSmart bike. When you drive this bike and are in such situation, where you have to stay in the same place for a while, then I3S technology puts the bike engine in the hibernate or sleep mode, and due to which the bike stops consuming fuel.

To stop the engine, Idle Stop-Start System takes 5 seconds, that is, if you have stayed for 5 seconds in one place, then I3S technology will let off your bike’s engine. The best thing is that you do not have to use the self-start button or kick to start the bike again, you can simply start the bike by pressing the clutch only.

This whole system relies on the status of the battery and electric starter. I3S technique works only on those bikes, which have an electric starter, and at all times the battery should be in a position to do work properly.

The Benefits Of I3S Technology

There are a lot of benefits Of I3S Tech for a biker and for our environment too and from all those benefits here are I am sharing 3 major benefits with you…

  1. The first and most important benefit, which I have also mentioned above, is that, the mileage. If you stand 5 minutes in a traffic jam, so the I3S technology will off your bike engine after 5 seconds and that will save your bike’s fuel that you usually waste by keeping the engine on.
  2. In the same traffic jam, a 5-minute stop can warm your engine but due to the I3S system the engine will move to sleep mode and it will not get the heat.
  3. Due to the bike’s engine being switched off, the bike will not consume fuel and will not pollute our environment with poisonous air, which will also reduce global warming.

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So that’s is all about I3S technology aka Idle Stop-Start System technology. Hopefully, now you may have understood that what is I3S technology and how it works, still if you have any questions regarding this so you can ask us in the comments section.


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