How Google’s I’m feeling lucky Feature Works

Google is the world’s largest search engine, which we all use and which has almost the answer to our every question, we are still unaware of it. Despite using so much of it, we still don’t know about many of its features, and one of them is “I’m feeling lucky”. This option or feature of Google, almost all of us have seen, but only a few people have used it, and only a few people know about it. So today in this article we will know that what is Google’s “I’m feeling lucky ” feature and how it works…

What is “I’m feeling lucky” feature and How it worksWhat is I'm feeling lucky feature and How it works

Whenever we go to Google’s home page, we get the search box below Google’s icon, in which we type what we want to search, after typing, we get two options for the search. The first one is Google search and the second one is “I’m feeling lucky”. When we click on Google search, Google lets us open a search result page, in which we get those websites and blogs, which have content related to our search term. But at the beginning of this process if we click on “I’m feeling lucky” option instead of clicking on Google search, then we do not get the result page, rather than it directly takes us to the first result of the google search results. So we can say that “I’m Feeling Lucky” is a feature of Google that helps us to save the time by searching anything faster on Google. Rather than opening the result page, by opening just one result, “I’m feeling lucky” feature definitely saves our time, but this is the biggest minus point of this feature too because it is not confirmed that what we search we will find it in the first result, maybe the second or third results can be more helpful for us. So this feature doesn’t gives you the satisfaction and surety and that’s people. and that’s why it is a less used feature.

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Although it is more helpful in such condition, where you are searching for a particular website, such as Amazon, Flipkart and you know that the search result will show you the correct website at first position. So now you know what Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” feature is, and how does it help us to search anything, but do you know what happens, when we click on the “I’m feeling lucky” option without typing anything on the search box, I know most of us don’t, so let’s know together…

Using “I’m Feeling Lucky” Without a Search Term

On Google’s homepage, when we click on the Google search option without a search term, nothing happens, But when we click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option without typing anything in the search box, then it takes us to the Google’s doodles page, where we get lots of doodles from the past and the present. So this option works always, no matter you type a search term or not.

So that is all about Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature and now you know how it works. And here I am sharing a video also, which will help you to understand the “I’m Feeling Lucky” more. And still, if you have any questions you can ask her in the comments section.

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