What Is Blue Screen Of Death

what is blue screen of death

Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), I know it looks like a Horror movie name more than a Windows error. But Blue Screen Of Death is a most common error of windows which most of the users faced many times. It is known as “Stop Error” also because when it comes, it shows a stop error message on your computer screen. So if you’re a Windows user most probably you faced this problem earlier before, so let’s learn together what is Blue Screen Of Death error…

Blue Screen Of Death

Blue Screen Of Death is common but one of the serious error of windows. It comes with an error message on blue screen which stops the processing of your computer and that’s why it known as Blue Screen Of Death. It happens mostly when there is any problem with your computer’s hardware or any software crashes. And the kernel which is the connector between systems hardware and the software shows BSOD error on the screen. The first time BSOD problem was detected in Windows 98 and then it continues with the next versions. With the starting versions, Blue Screen Of Death error created lots of problems because at that time there is no way to know the exact reason behind this error. But with the latest version of windows, windows 8 and windows 10 it is quite simple to know the reason because it shows the exact problem codes or related options and you can easily get the problem via putting these into google searches. Here are some codes of common issues…






So these are the common codes which appear most of the times when Blue Screen Of Death error happens. There are some tricks or solutions also to fix this issue, so let’s see how to fix Blue Screen Of Death error…

How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death Error

Install All The Updates

The installation of new windows updates can fix all the old bugs and crashes of windows. So it’s a perfect way to avoid or Solve BSOD problem.

Restore The System Settings

The Blue Screen Of Death error happens many times because of issues in system or software settings, so restore the settings because it may fix this Problem.

Repair The Recently Added Software

As we already mentioned that problems in the software is one of the main reason for BSOD error, so repair or re-install all the recently added software to fix this problem.

Install Updated Drivers

Once you detect the Blue Screen Of Death error on your windows system and you don’t want to face it again, install the all latest and updated drivers and this process fix all the bugs of your old system drivers.

Use The Antivirus Scan

Using antivirus is not a perfect way to solve the BSOD error but sometimes it finds the other system problems which are the reason of creating BSOD issue, so scan your system properly.

Find The Errors In Hard Drive And Ram

Harddrive and ram are an important part of a computer and most of the time the errors of both these are the main reason of Blue Screen Of Death error so find these errors and remove them.

Repair Or Re-Install The Windows

Repair or Re-Install the windows can solve all the software problems, so you use this trick to fix the BSOD problem.

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So these are some general solutions which can fix the Blue Screen Of Death Problem. Hope so now you understand What is Blue Screen Of Death Problem and How to fix it. And if you have any feedback and suggestions for us, so write down in the comments box.


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