What Is The Difference Between IPV4 and IPV6

what is the difference between IPV4 and IPV6

The total population of the world is 744.21 crores and 51% of them means more than half of them are internet users, so you can imagine how the internet connects our world. There is an end no. Of possibilities and services available on the internet and we knew about only a few of them. There are also lots of options for internet settings and new updates which we heard or see many times but we exactly don’t know about their usage and their mean. IPV4 and IPV6 are one of them, we have gone through many times from them but did you ever try to know, what is IPV6 and IPV4 and the difference between IPV4 and IPV6 ?? So let’s learn together about them.

What Is IPV4

When we check the Connectivity of internet there is always an option there, which asked us to select the IP protocol or in old devices, it shows us the internet protocol and there is always an option we noticed IPV4. But we never tried to know What is IPV4? so starting from the full form of IPV4 which is Internet Protocol Version 4. IPV4 has firstly used in 1983 and from then to now it worked really well to connect our computer or other devices to the internet. It is still the most using protocol version by internet users. It started for using on the packet switched Link Layer networks and it is the first internet protocol version which deployed for production in the ARPANET. IP address or internet protocol is our internet address where internet connectivity finds us and Connect to us, it is a code which comes in a different format with each version and IPV4 featured with numerical IP address which is like “”. It works with 32-bit numbers IP addresses, which is total 4.3 billion and it’s a large no. for addressing and that’s a minus point of IPV4. Otherwise, all other points about IPV4 are satisfying.

What Is IPV6 

As per its name, IPV6 is the sixth no. or sixth version of internet protocol. It has all the upgraded and secure feature as compare to IPV4. IPV6 released in 1998 for connecting to the internet with more reliably. The old devices don’t allow to move on IPV6 but all the new devices support to connect with the Internet Protocol Version 6. IPV6 With 128Bit numbers of IP addresses which is total 340 undecillion IP addresses and that’s made a big difference between IPV4 and IPV6 . Because of the large no of IP addresses every device got their unique IP address which helo them to connect properly to the internet. IPV6 released with a new unique code of IP address such as “2011:0bb8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0730:9667”, it is a more secure version than the old IPV4. But after that, as we already mentioned that IPV4 is the most using protocol version. There are only Seven countries where it used above 15% and in other its on 5 or less than 5% and the reason behind it is we don’t know what’s the difference between IPV4 and IPV6 .

What Is The Difference Between IPV6 And IPV4

So we are sharing a list here and we mentioned all the features or benefits Which belongs to IPV6 and IPV4. So take a look on this table for understand to know What’s the difference between IPV6 and IPV4 …

Comparison Point IPV4 IPV6
Full Name Internet Protocol Version 4 Internet Protocol Version 6
Released Year 1983 1998
IP Address IPv4 addresses are 32 bit length. IPv6 addresses are 128 bit length.


Address Configuration Supports Manual and DHCP configuration. Supports Auto-configuration and renumbering
IPSEC Optional, External Required
IP to MAC resolution broadcast ARP Multicast Neighbor Solicitation
End-to-end connection integrity Unachievable Achievable
Address Space It can generate 4.29 x 109 addresses. It can produce quite a large number of addresses, i.e., 3.4 x 1038.
Broadcast Yes No
Packet size 576 bytes required, fragmentation optional 1280 bytes required without fragmentation
Encryption and Authentication Not Provided Provided
Packet fragmentation Routers and sending hosts Sending hosts only

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So I think after reading this table you understand the difference between IPV4 and IPV6 and why IPV6 is better than IPV4. Maybe this article becomes useful for you and if you have still any doubt about IP Addresses and Internet Protocol Version 6 and 4, write down us in the comments box.


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