There are so many Companies which provides their VPN (virtual private network) services to us and in the previous article we mentioned the name of some best VPN service providers. As per our analysis IPVanish gives you the best VPN services at present time and that’s why it holds the no. One position in our list. So here today we are going to know how can we connect with the IPvanish VPN services but before that lets take a short introduction and understand what is IPVanish .


IPVanish provides the best VPN service at present, It works as per it’s name , it vanishes your ip addresses and location and secure your all internet activities. It gives you More than 950 different and secure servers which can easily hide your all work from internet. And along with this it provides you more than 40,000 IP addresses which makes hard to find you for anyone. It offers you Zero Log policy which you can see in only few VPN services. There are lots of other benefits which IPVanish provides you, and one of them is speed , IPVanish gives you one of the fastest VPN services which secure your internet path with quick response, even in downloading. It has the best Strong Encryption (AES-256) protocol which is famous for their hard security. So overall we can say IPVanish gives us the best and secure Virtual Private Network services.

1. Unlimited Bandwidth.
2. Fastest Virtual Network.
3. High P2P traffic.
4. 256-bit AES encryption security protocol.
5. Easy and friendly Interface.
6. Zero Traffic Logs.
7. 24/7 customer support.
8. 7 Days buy back guaranteed services.

These are the main benefits which we can get if we are using IPVanish-VPN services. It available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS in a budget price of monthly for 12 months, monthly for 3 months and monthly for one month. Now i think you understand What is IPvanish So let’s move to the process of connecting with IPVanish.


So first download the IPVanish application on your PC. And then just follow these simple steps…ipvanish dashboard

Step 1 – Open your IPVanish app and sign in with your Id and Password.

Step 2 – when it opens you can see your Current location, don’t worry it will change automatically once you Connect.

Step 3 – Now you can see there is a option name “quick connect”, click on it.

Step 4 – In Quick Connect there is few drop down boxes, so firstly select the Protocol from one drop down box.ipvanish server

Step 4 – The next option after protocol is “Select the server”. So choose a available green server which you want to use.

Step 5 – Now click on “Connect” button.It will take few seconds to connect and once it Connected you can easily select any server from “Server Selection” option as per your choice.

Step 6 – And after that select the “Server Type” And “City” which you want to use. And after That it will all set for using IPVanish on your PC.


Step 1 – On the application screen you can see an option “IP address settings”, click on it.

Step 2 – Now there are few options, one is “change your IP address” and by clicking on it you can change your IP address easily.ipvanish IP address setting

Step 3 – An another option in drop-down box you can see and that is “IP verification site” and with that you Verify your current IP address.

Step 4 – This is option which used by most of the users and that is “Change IP address every” and then fill the time in the space next to it. It will change your IP address automatically after the your selected time, and it helps you to Hide your real location.


So these are few simple steps to connect IPVanish with your PC and there some other settings are available which you can use by clicking on settings and control panel. So enjoy the best VPN service and hope so you understand What is IPVanish and How to connect with it. And send us your feedback and reviews. This article is only for knowledge purpose we do not support and suggest any illegal activities.



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