What is IQ level And How It is Calculated

what is IQ level how can i calculate my IQ level check IQ level History of IQ level
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IQ, you must have heard and read this word many times. Often newspapers, magazines, and books published the IQ level and IQ scores of people, even we also tell our friends many times that your IQ level is absolutely zero. So, what is IQ level? How did it begin? Do you know how you can get any person’s IQ level or IQ scores? So let’s know the answers to these questions today…

What Is IQ Level

The word IQ stands for intelligence quotient, it is a score that shows a person’s intelligence. The IQ level is examined based on the score obtained in some special standard tests. The numbers obtained in the exam are called IQ scores and on the basis of those numbers, any person’s IQ level is determined. Whereas, Many famous people examine their IQ scores only for showing their intelligence power, while many people succeed in making their place in many major educational institutes, jobs, projects, etc. due to their good IQ scores. Similar to the concept of this test, the history of this test is also very interesting, so let’s know from where the journey of IQ test started? Who was the one who discovered the IQ test?

The History Of IQ

In the 20th century, a psychologist lived in France, was named Alfred Binet. It was year 1904 when Alfred Binet did a research on the education system and found that there are so many children in schools who are unable to get good numbers in exams, they are weak in studies, they tried to know the reason. In his research, 3 facts came in front of him, the first one, children who are not getting good numbers in the examination all are not weak minded. Secondly, some of those children are such children, who are really weak in studies, who can get good numbers in the exam only by doing very hard work. The third one is, there are some of those children, whose brains are very fast or average but still, they are getting fewer numbers in exams, and that is because they are economically weak, they do not have proper resources for studies.

Alfred Binet the man who invented IQ
Alfred Binet

Alfred Binet believed that such children who are really smart, but they are not able to perform well in exams for any other reasons, and those children who are weak in studies, should not be equally judged. And to explain this difference, they adopted the method of intelligence quotient (IQ), Whose score, he was thought will prove helpful in showing any child’s true intelligence. Then in the year 1916, a US psychologist, Lewis Terman at Stanford University, released a Reprise edition of this concept of IQ level, which was named Stanford-Binet Test, and this test was the most successful of all previous tests.

How To Calculate IQ Level

In the beginning, a lot of changes were made in IQ level testing methods, but later IQ level was started calculating with one method, according to that method to know any person’s IQ level, first we have to calculate the chronological age and mental age of that person. And once we know the chronological age and mental age, then with using a simple formula, we can check any person’s IQ level. The formula is MA÷CA×100 means divide mental age by chronological age, and then multiply by 100. It is so simple to calculate it, isn’t it? But the question is how to get a person’s chronological age and mental age? So the chronological age does not need to be calculated, chronological age is the real age of any person.

what is IQ level how can i calculate my IQ level check IQ level History of IQ level
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Now what about any person’s mental age, So where chronological age is the real age of any person, Mental age is the age of any person’s mental capacity, that how much a person is mentally able, how much a person’s intelligence. Is that person mentally capable just like others of his/Her age? Is that person mentally capable just like other same age persons, or less capable or better than them?

Now you must be thinking that how can anyone identify the mental age of a person, so for this, as I mentioned above that some standard tests have been determined, and on the basis of the marks obtained in those tests, a person’s mental capability and mental age detected. These tests are also available online, but IQ tests conducted under the supervision of an expert are considered to be highly recognized. Now, understand the whole process, then suppose a person is 15 years old, and he scored in this test as much as the children of his age, the mental age of that person would be only 15 years. And if he scores as much as 17-year-olds, that means his mental age would be 17 years, which would be 2 years more than his actual age.

So now we have both a person’s mental age and chronological age, so now we can calculate the IQ level of that person, then according to the formula, MA ÷ CA × 100, 15 mental age ÷ 15 chronological age × 100, The answer will be 100, meaning that the person’s IQ level is the same as the children of their age, which is an average one. If the person’s mental age in this equation is more than its chronological age, it means that the intelligence level of that person is more than the children of his age. Now we know how to calculate the IQ level of a person, but do you know which IQ level is called a good one, which one is average and which is very good? No, so let’s know about the IQ level scale …

IQ Level Scale

As I mentioned in the beginning, many experts have set different tests to calculate the IQ level according to their own, and on the basis of that they decided different scales to measure the IQ level, Although, the IQ level scale formats decided by most of them are the same, there is a slight variation in the names of categories, just like someone has written Very Good, so someone superior, otherwise, except one or two the IQ level scale formats of all the experts are same. And based on all those formats, I am sharing an IQ level scale with you here …

IQ Range (“deviation IQ”) IQ Classification
145–160 Very gifted or highly advanced
130–144 Gifted or very advanced, Very superior
120–129 Superior
110–119 High average, Above average
90–109 Average
80–89 Low average, Below average
70–79 Borderline impaired or delayed, Well Below Average
55–69 Mildly impaired or delayed, Lower extreme

People With The Best IQ Scores

So these are some people whose IQ level or IQ score is the highest in the world…

IQ Score Holder Name IQ Score
Ainan Celeste Cawley IQ score: 263
Ainan Celeste Cawley IQ score: 250-300
Marilyn Vos Savant IQ score: 228
Christopher Hirata IQ score: 225
Kim Ung-Yong (IQ score: 210
Edith Stern IQ score: 200+
Christopher Michael Langan IQ score: 190 – 210
Garry Kasparov IQ score: 194
Philip Emeagwali IQ score: 190
Judit Polgar IQ score: 170
Albert Einstein IQ score: 160 – 190
Stephen Hawking IQ score: 160

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So this is everything about the unsolved mystery of IQ level. Hopefully, now you know that what is IQ level and how to calculate IQ level but still, if you have any questions in your mind ao you can ask us in the comments section.


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