What Is TeamViewer And How It Works


TeamViewer is a perfect example of today’s technology. TeamViewer is a Flagship product which developed in 2005 in Germany. It used for remote control , file sharing , desktop sharing and also for web conferencing.  It is available for Windows, MACos, Android, Linux, iOS, and Blackberry OS. Mostly users use it for controlling each others computer system. TeamViewer is available in both free and paid version. So if you want to use its Non commercial version so you can download it free but if you want to use commercial version of TeamViewer, you have to pay some cost for it. But the paid version gives you more new features instead of the free version.

How To Download TeamViewer

Downloading TeamViewer in your PC is not so hard, you just have to follow these simple steps..

Step 1 – Visit to the official website of TeamViewer.

Step 2 – Now you can see a option “Download” on top of the page. Click on it.Download option for teamviewer

Step 3 – Then select your device from the list by clicking on it.

Step 4 – Now scroll down and you can see the option Download TeamViewer, click on it.

Step 5 – Once the download process completed, click double on the file and tap on the “Run” button.

Step 6 – Now it asks “How do you want to proceed?” So select the second option of “Installation to access this computer remotely”.

Step 7 – Now move to the second question and that is “How do you want to use TeamViewer”? This is an important one because you have to select the option as per your requirement.Team viewer install

Step 8 – After selecting the correct options then an option of advance setting
there, you check or change your advance setting by clicking there.

Step 9 – Now click on the accept and finish option for complete the installation process.

Step 10 – It will take only few minutes to installing and then you can access the features of TeamViewer.

How It Works

After follow the downloading process now it’s time to use it by connecting it to the other PC. So for controlling the other PC you have to follow these simple steps…

1. Run the TeamViewer on your PC by double click on it’s icon.

2. Now it offers you for using new interface so click on the option “Try It Now” for allow it.

3. After that The Team-Viewer opens and you can see lots of options are there and in the left side of your screen your TeamViewer id and password mentioned.

4. So for controlling the other PC , open the Team-Viewer in other PC also.

5. Now the same screen appears in both of the computers. Then turn your eyes in the tight side of your computer screen an option of Control Remote Computer is there.

6. So put the Id of the other computer which you want to control into the “Partner Id” column.

7. Then you have to select an option depends on your choice what do you want file sharing with the other PC or control the other PC. Here we select Remote control for controlling the other PC.

8. Now click on connect button to proceed.

9. After the click it asks for the password of partner PC(which you want to control). So type the password and click on “Log On”.

10. After logging in you can access all the features of the other computer. After that whenever you want to close this, you can easily exit by clicking on “Cancel The Connection” option on TeamViewer.

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So this is the process to control two PC together no matters how far the other PC, It only needs Internet connection for controlling. You can also transfer files and for using more feature you can purchase the full commercial version of TeamViewer.



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