Millennium Problems: 7 Unsolved Math Problem Worth $1 Million Each

What Are the Millenium Problems Riemann Hypothesis P vs. NP Problem Navier–Stokes Equation Hodge Conjecture Poincaré Conjecture Yang-Mills and Mass Gap Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture

Mathematics is not a favorite subject of many of us, especially mine. But still, there are many of us whose favorite subject is math. Such people like to solve mathematical equations and sometimes they can do so for several hours. Although only a few of them turn their this hobby into their profession, and the rest of the people never get the benefit of their’s this math equation solving ability. But what if I tell you that your ability to solve maths equation can help you to win up to $ 7 million. Now I know you must be thinking that how this can be possible, but my friend this can be, have you never heard about Millennium Problems?

What Are the Millenium Problems?

In the year 2000, Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts released a mathematical challenge among people, named Millennium Problems.

Millennium Problems is a group of seven difficult and mysterious math problems, which were released by the Clay Mathematics Institute and during the releasing the CMI (Clay Mathematics Institute) challenged all the mathematicians to solve these 7 problems. The prize money to solve these seven math problems is $7 million, which is $1 million per question. These seven problems are one of the darkest problems in the mathematical world, solutions of these can uncover lots of the mysteries of science and engineering, and can also be done incredible development in several areas. So The seven Millennium Problems are…

  1. Riemann Hypothesis
  2. P vs. NP Problem
  3. Navier–Stokes Equation
  4. Hodge Conjecture
  5. Poincaré Conjecture
  6. Yang-Mills and Mass Gap
  7. Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture

Millennium Problems That Solved So Far

As of 2019, only one problem from all these Millennium Problems has been solved so far, yet no correct solution has been found for the remaining 6 problems. The problem that has been solved so far is Poincaré Conjecture, which was solved in the year 2003 by Russian geometer, Grigori Perelman. For his wonderful work in the field of mathematics, Grigoriy Perelman was awarded with Fields Medal and prize money of $1 million by CMI, but Grigoriy Perelman refused to accept both of these two honors.

grigori perelman What Are the Millenium Problems
Grigori Perelman

Since the last century, Poincaré Conjecture was counted as one of the math’s Dark Problems, which states,

“Every simply connected, closed 3-manifold is homeomorphic to the 3-sphere.”

In easy language, it asks that, whether a totally closed shape is usually thought of a sphere, regardless of what number dimensions you build it in.

The answer to this problem was given after one century by Grigoriy Perelman. The solution given by Grigoriy Perelman is based on Richard Hamilton’s theory of Ricci flow.

So far no mathematician has answers of the remaining 6 problems, Although, in these 19 years, many mathematicians have come with a lot of answers to these questions but no answer was satisfactory.

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So this is everything about the Millenium Problems. Hopefully, now you know all the problems which are including in CMI’s Millenium Problems list, still, if you have any questions about these problems so you can ask us in the comments section.


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