What Is Tasker Application And How Can We Use It

What Is Tasker Application

There are lots of applications are available for Android OS, some of them are paid or most of them are free. Mostly people give priority to free apps because they don’t have to pay for them. But the things which divided both the paid and unpaid apps is their usage. Most of the paid applications give you the best experience and features which helps you to make your daily routine or work easy, and the application which we are sharing here is one of them. So the application we are talking about is ” Tasker “, which is paid Android application. So let’s see what is Tasker Application …

What Is Tasker Application 

Tasker is an Android Application that allows you to trigger certain activities to be run if and just if certain conditions are met, conditions which we decided. It saves our lots of time because we have to set our daily activities once and then from the next time it will work automatically as per conditions which we pre-decided, like an alarm clock, where we ordered our alarm device to wake me up when the clock shows 5 AM. So herewith this application you can set things like that like you can set open my e-mail in every morning whenever I reach my work, play the radio whenever I connect the earphones, preset good night and morning messages on a fixed time. You just need to set your daily routine once and then it will work automatically by coordinating with conditions.

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So Tasker Application is like your personal assistant which not only reminds you about the next move but also do that for you by itself, you just have set the conditions for it. Tasker application gives you more than 200 inbuilt actions which you can use. You can set lots of conditions in tasker application like time conditions 1 pm to 2 pm, place conditions, miscall, SMS, music player, video, internet, display on-off, everything which a smartphone can judge you can use conditions for that. Even you can set 3 to 4 conditions for a particular action which called a profile. You can also share your tasks via XML file with your friends and others(who are using this app) and they can import your tasks directly in their Tasker Application. So this is what Tasker App, now let’s how can we get it…

How To Download Tasker Application 

As we already mentioned that Tasker is a paid Android application so you can Purchase and download it from the play store by click Here, At present the price of tasker application is 199.99 rupees. And If you want to check its services before purchasing so you can download its 7-day trial version by click here.

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So this is all about Tasker Application and we hope that now you know very well what is tasker application and how can we use it. So if you think that this application suits on your daily routine than download this amazing application. And if you any questions and suggestions, share with us in the comments section.


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