What Is Telegram’s Unsend Anything Feature And How It Works

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With more than 200 million users, at the present time, telegram has become one of the most used social media platforms, the reason behind people liked this messaging service so much, is its features, In which developers make appropriate changes from time to time. And in keeping with its sequence, Telegram has released another new update for their users, in which Telegram has renewed many of its old features, but from those, the one which has drawn the attention of all is the Unsend Anything feature of Telegram. So let’s see what actually Telegram’s Unsend Anything feature is…

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What Is Telegram’s Unsend Anything Feature

So Unsend Anything Feature is a reprise version of an old and very known feature, “Delete.” This feature is an upgraded version of message delete(Unsend) feature of Telegram. The Telegram team introduced its Unsend Message feature first time in January 2017 and after then so many other social media platforms adopted that feature. The Unsend Message feature was released with some limitations such as, you can delete only your send messages, you can delete messages within 48 hours only, and maybe that’s why telegram team released Unsend Anything feature as an upgraded version of this feature. This new feature removes both major pitfalls of old messages unsend feature and allows you to delete(unsend) any messages from your chat box no matter you send that message or you received that message, Along with this, you also get rid of the 48 hour time limit, due to which you are able to delete any of your old messages.

The special thing about Unsend Anything feature is, it removes your messages from both of the sender and recipient sides, it means if you delete any of your messages through this service so the messages will delete permanently from your side and the other member side who received or send those messages. Other than this you will also get an additional option that will help you to delete your entire in once. But one thing you have to keep in your mind that once you’ve used Unsend Anything feature then you’ll never be able to get back your deleted messages again, even you will not get any sign or notification that there were ever any messages or you’ve deleted any messages. So yes be careful before using this feature.

Helpful Or Harmful

There are so many questions coming after releasing Unsend Anything feature but the most important and considerable question I’ve heard is that will this feature prove to be helpful or harmful? While this feature can be helpful for those who want to delete old chats because of any privacy reason but this can be also dangerous when anyone uses this feature to remove their wrong messages such as abusive messages which can be used against them. So if I talk about my point of view, then this feature is helpful, but it is more harmful than that. I think 48 hours is enough to erase a message that has been sent accidentally, so there is no reason to give so much time for that. Also, one more thing that makes this feature more harmful is that given the feature to remove the messages of another person, I accept that there may be to delete own messages but giving the rights to delete other person’s messages will only lead to the wrong movements and nothing else.

So this everything about the new Unsend Anything feature of Telegram. Hopefully, now you understand what Unsend Anything feature is and how it works, but still, if you have any questions regarding this new service of Telegram, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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