What’s New For Users In Pubg Mobile Update 0.9.0

New Pubg mobile update 0.9.0 features
New Pubg mobile update 0.9.0 features

It’s been just 6 months since pubg mobile released for Android and iOS and now it is the no. action battle game for mobile. At present pubg mobile has more than 20 million active users from all over the world. And that shows the popularity of this game which this game earned in short period. And the developer team Tencent Games (Developer of Pubg) is the main reason behind it, every time they tried to give something new to their players. And that’s going to happen this also because Tencent games are ready to launch their new pubg mobile update 0.9.0 on this 25 October.

Last month they released sanhok map first time for pubg mobile users and after a short gap of One month they are coming with pubg mobile update 0.9.0 , so let’s find out together, what’s new in pubg mobile update 0.9.0 …

What’s New in Pubg Mobile Update 0.9.0

There lots of interesting and amazing features going for release with this new update and here are the short introduction of all of them..

Night Mode for pubg mobile

This new pubg mobile update coming with a new amazing feature called night mode. This night mode works only with Erangle Map where system randomly play both of the Day and Night mode. I know now you’re thinking that if night mode is on how can we find the tracks of opposition? Yes, I know that going to be difficult, but its a plus point too because no one can find your tracks also and you can hide your character easily. In pubg mobile update 0.9.0 they also released new night vision goggles and that will help you to survive easily in night mode game.

New Spectator Mode

Now you can spectate your opponent team players after you died in the game. Before this new update, players can only watch their teammates game but now you can watch your opponent teammates.

Halloween Theme

Halloween Theme is a part of the celebration of Halloween day which celebrated in most of the western countries. And in this update, you can see Halloween decorations in spawn areas and in the main menu. There are some special effects also added for this celebration like whenever you blast a grenade it will create a funny ghost face with the smoke and other than this in the game if you kill someone with Hellfire AKM rifle, they automatically become scarecrow. In Halloween theme, there is a possibility that you can earn candies and special Halloween vehicles by lucky draw.

What’s New In Pubg Mobile Update 0.9.0 For Sanhok Map

After the one month of Sanhok Map releasing for pubg mobile, developer team ready to release two new updates for sanhok map. Two new features which you will get are “New Gun” and “New Truck”, so let’s know about it…

1. New Gun

So a new replacement of mini 14 gun is ready to launch and that is QBU – DMR Gun. So what is QBU – DMR , QBU – DMR is New Gun which can fire 10 rounds at a time but this only when you using its default mode, so what when you use extended Magazine, so that time you can fire 20 rounds at a time with extended Magazine. 5.56mm is the size of the bullet which you will get with QBU – DMR Gun.

what is new in Pubg mobile update 0.9.0

2. Rony Pickup Truck

Rony Pickup Truck is the vehicle name which you will get exclusively in sanhok Map with new pubg mobile update 0.9.0 version. This truck can load two people in the front side and two in the back side and it also available for sanhok map only.

what is new in Pubg mobile update 0.9.0
New Rony Truck In Pubg Mobile Update 0.9.0

Match Making

pubg Mobile added a new smart feature with this new update and that is Match Making. Now Pubg will offer you the correct pair with a person who knows your language and this will not take a long time.

New Moves For Grenade

So in this new update, you are free to choose your position when a grenade exploded. You and switch into any position like Lying Down, Standing and crouching. You can also select the hand mode means now you can select both the option Underhand or Overhand for throwing the grenade, you can also throw the grenade while you are Sideways.

Other New features

There are lots of new features are coming with new pubg mobile update 0.9.0 like new uniforms with creative logos, Music and Break systems in Truck and cars, you can challenge a crew and earn coins, New magazine and lots of other features.

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So these are the main surprising features which you will get with new pubg mobile update 0.9.0 . it will release on 25 October, so be ready to download it. And if you want to know anything else about this update you can write down to us on comments box.


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