WhatsApp Group Video Calling Update Rolls Out | How To

WhatsApp team ready to launch there new WhatsApp group video call feature. where we can make a group video call with our friends, family and with others.

This feature works on both of the operating systems Android and IOS. last Month WhatsaApp launched this feature for some selected users, they said first they want to test it and than publish it. so now they are confirmed about this upgrade and they want to publish it.

May be WhatsApp can launch the sticker feature for chatting with this one because they announced about both, together in a developer’s press conference.
but there is no official announcement about the sticker feature.

So lets know how this one works…
first of all you need to upgrade your WhatsApp in latest version. In IOS system you need version 2.18.52, and in Android system you have to upgrade your version into 2.18.188. and if you get any problem like you are not able to make a group video call so update your WhatsApp version into latest one. And the latest one is 2.18.188 if You Want to Roll in Beta Tester for this app also you Can roll in and You Can use Many New Feature which in still not publish for Normal Consumer.
After you upgrade it, make a video call to only one contact at a time which means that the fourth person can be added only once the third person has accepted the invitation.This Feature adding up to three Member in a group calls. This makes a total of four Member including the person who started video.

After all the participants have accepted the invitation, Screen will split into 4 partitions and also the Person can join the conversation upon invitation by other.

you can add maximum Four members at a time in WhatsApp group video call.
so guys enjoy this new feature.


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