Whatsapp New Feature : Now download the chat history of any blocked contact

Facebook owned Whatsapp released too many new features in this year, most of them are for security reasons like Forward sign, the limit of massage forwarding and fake news detection tool. So after all these previous features now Whatsapp is ready to launch their one new feature, and that is, now you can recover your whole chat conversation from blocked or deleted group and blocked individuals.

So in short and very clear if you blocked any person or any group and after that you want to collect your old data from that one group or from that individual person so now this is possible with the new feature of Whatsapp app. So here some questions about it that, how we can do that and is there any extra options for this new feature??                                  So the answer is that there is no any extra button for that in the upcoming version, but it will roll out with the old “Report” option, so when you will click on the report button this time you will get two options instead of one and these are the options.

1. Block This Contact and Delete Chat History.

2. Retain The Chat History of Blocked Contacts.

And now coming to the answer of how we can do that? So there is a proper procedure and for that you have follow these simple steps.

1. First you have to visit to the official site of Whatsapp beta tester and than sign up as a beta tester.

2. Now search the person on your contact list or search the group and click on the view options and than tap on three dots for further options.

3. Than you will find the Report button, now click on the Report button. Where you will find both of the options, which mentioned above.

4. Now click on the second option of Retain The Chat History Of Blocked Contacts.

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And after that you will get the all the previous chat history so save that.The new messages backing up feature of Whatsapp is now on testing mode and only available on Android beta version of 2.18.246. But very soon it will roll out for all users with the stable version.


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