WhatsApp Update 2.18.380 : Whatsapp Picture In Picture And Private Reply Feature Now Relased

Whatsapp Private reply feature and whatsapp picture In Picture Feature Released

This year WhatsApp made so many new and important changes for its users, Some changes happened to give new features to users, so some changes have done for users safety. And with these features, two more new features are being mentioned for a long time, and they are, Whatsapp Picture In Picture Feature and Whatsapp Private Reply feature. Both of these features are very useful, and that’s why users have been waiting for their release for a long time. But the year is about to end and it was believed that WhatsApp would launch both of these Whatsapp Picture In Picture feature and Whatsapp Private Reply Feature at the beginning of the year 2019, But WhatsApp team surprised everyone by releasing these two features earlier as a Christmas gift.

After being tested in the Whatsapp beta version, WhatsApp has released these two features together in their new stable version update 2.18.380. So, before using these features, let’s know about these features first, what they actually are, and how can we use them? So let’s start with Whatsapp Private Reply Feature…

What Is Whatsapp Private Reply Feature

We have already talked about Whatsapp Private Reply Feature in our old articles, so let’s know once again, what this feature actually is? So you can easily understand this feature by its name, which indicates that it is a feature used for a private answer or reply. But It is important to know Where do we use this feature, So you can use this feature to give a private reply to any member of your WhatsApp group. Suppose you are chatting with your friends in a Whatsapp group and one of your friends has made a message that you do not want to reply in front of all the other members of the group, so in that condition, you can use this feature. This feature helps you to reply to any message in the group in a private way. However, the user you want to reply to, you can go directly to his chat box and do personal message, but open anybody’s profile and then send a personal message and explain to about which topic of the group you are talking about, All these tasks waste your time, and Private Reply feature makes your work easy, without having waste your time. So after knowing this feature let’s know, how we can use this feature…

How To Use Whatsapp Private Reply Feature

So Using this feature is so easy, you only have to follow few steps, which mentioned below…

1. Open your WhatsApp Messenger and then open one of your WhatsApp Group.

2. Now select the message that you want to reply privately by press on it.

3. After that click on the three dots, which you will find on top and right side of your mobile screen.Whatsapp Private reply feature and whatsapp picture In Picture Feature Released

4. Now it will show you few options, so select the second one, which is Reply Privately.

5. This will take you to the chat box (personal message box) of the person, whom you want to reply and then you can give reply to that person.

So this is all about, what is Whatsapp Private Reply Feature and how to use it. You can also understand this feature by these images which I shared here. Now let’s know about WhatsApp Picture In Picture Feature.

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What Is WhatsApp Picture In Picture

WhatsApp Picture In Picture is one of the most outstanding and features of WhatsApp, and users need this feature from a long time, so let’s know what actually this feature is. So many of us have already heard about Picture In Picture feature, which is also known as PIP feature, this feature is currently available in all the latest smartphones. With the help of this feature, we can also use other mobile features and apps while watching a movie or any video in any video player on the mobile. This feature reduces the size of the video a bit so that it runs on a small part of the screen, and you can also watch the video as well as do other mobile related functions. And now this feature is available in WhatsApp also via WhatsApp Picture In Picture feature, so if any of your friends or known shares any video link with you on your WhatsApp messenger, so now you do not need to go to the same platform with that link to watch that video like we does before, but now with this feature, we can watch videos on our WhatsApp messenger, and we can also use other features of WhatsApp as well. Suppose you get a link to any video from youtube in WhatsApp message, and you want to watch that video but also at the same time you need to chat with someone on WhatsApp, so don’t worry now you can do both of these work together with the help of the WhatsApp Picture In Picture feature. So this is WhatsApp Picture In Picture feature and now let’s know how can we use it…

How To Use WhatsApp Picture In Picture Feature

You don’t need to follow a process for this one because only you have to do is a simple click. So if you will get any video link on WhatsApp, so just click on it and then the video will start on your WhatsApp, and with watching it you can also do other things like chatting, sending documents, etc.Whatsapp Private reply feature and whatsapp picture In Picture Feature Released

So I think now you know about both the WhatsApp Private Reply Feature and WhatsApp Picture In Picture Feature, so now let’s know how you can get both this feature on your WhatsApp Messenger.

How To Get These New Features On Your WhatsApp Messenger

So to get both of the WhatsApp Private Reply Feature and WhatsApp Picture In Picture Feature on WhatsApp Messenger, you have to follow few simple steps, which I shared below…

1. Open the app store on your mobile phone.

2. Now search for WhatsApp Messenger and click on it.

4. Then you will find “Update” option there, so click on it.

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And once the updating finished, you can use both of the WhatsApp Private Reply Feature and WhatsApp Picture In Picture Feature on your WhatsApp Messenger. So here we are going to end this conversation and still if you have any questions about both of the features and this new update, so you can ask us in the comments section.


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