Why Does Earth Rotate? And How Did It Begin?

why does earth rotates
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We all know that the earth rotates around its own axis and completes its one round in 24 hours with respect to the Sun, that’s why the day and night happens. In our solar system, the Earth is not the only planet that rotates, but all the planets in our solar system rotate on their own axis. However, the speed of rotation of all these planets is different from each other.

Where the earth takes 24 hours (it’s actually 23 hours and 56 minutes) to complete one of its rounds, Mercury, which is the closest planet to the Sun takes 59 earth days to complete one of its rounds. In the same way, Mars takes 25 hours to complete its one round and Venus takes 5,832 hours ie 243 days. And the Earth and other planets of our solar system have been rotating continuously for the last 4.6 billion years, that means they are rotating since they formed.

We all know that earth and the other planets in our solar system rotate on their axis, but do you know why they rotate? Why does the earth rotate?

Why Do Other Planets And Earth Rotates

If you have to answer this question in a small way, you can say, angular momentum. Angular momentum, but it is only a theory given for the fact that things tend to rotate, it is not a proper answer to this question. So let’s understand it with an example.

To understand it, Take a teetotum, now rotate it up faster, after a while you will see that its speed of rotating around is slowly decreasing, and after a while, it will stop rotating, do you know why this happened? Because of the speed at which we had rotated it gradually decreased, and it stopped rotating because of not getting enough force to rotate. All of you also have thought the same answer? I know most people have thought the same answer, and this answer seems right also, but it is not.

All of us have been taught that force is required to move or rotate anything, which is absolutely right, but how does that thing stop? So the reason behind the stoppage of any moving thing is not the lack of the force that we use to move it, but all moving things stop because a force works from the opposite site that tries to stop things. And in our example, the teetotum stopped because the force that helps the teetotum to move was gradually decreased by the friction and the force of the air coming from the opposite side.

But the force that was working from the opposite side works only works inside the earth, not in space. That’s why earth continuously rotates in space, but how did the earth get the rotating force, for the first time? In the example, in order to rotate the teetotum, we gave it force, but who rotated the earth? where from earth got the force?

why does earth rotates

The earth was formed from the collapsed of a nebula, about 4.6 billion years ago. Not only earth but our whole solar system was formed from the collapse of that nebula, and as the nebula collapses, the earth and the other planets got separated from it. And because of the force that generated from the collapse of nebula, earth, and other planets began rotating. And there is no other force or gravity available in space to stop the rotation of the earth, that’s why the earth is constantly rotating from its inception. Although the rotation speed of the earth is slowing slightly with time, and that is because of the moon’s tidal effects on earth’s rotation. Although there is no major cause for concern because the tidal effects of the moon are only able to reduce the speed of the earth, only 2 milliseconds in every hundred years.

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So hopefully, today’s our article will prove useful to you. Now you may have understood that why does earth rotate and how does earth rotates but still if you any question in your mind about the rotation of the earth so you can ask us in the comments section.


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