Why is The Sky Blue?

why is the sky blue why the color of sky is blue
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Trees, rivers, skies, stars, these are some of the things which related with us from childhood, and there are some questions related to them that we still keep looking for, and one of those questions, a question that revolves in our mind since childhood, is that why is the sky blue?

Different people have different answers to this question, some people believe that some religious reasons behind it so others have their own opinion but only a few people know the exact reason behind it, why is the sky blue?

To understand the blue color of the sky, let’s first understand the light obtained from the sun. Sunlight, yes sunlight which appears white to us but this light is not just white but is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. And that’s because the sunlight is absorbed, reflected and converted by various elements, compounds, and particles on its path through the atmosphere.

The color of our sky mostly depends on the wavelengths of the incoming light, but dust particle and air molecules that contain mostly nitrogen and oxygen also played an important role.

When the sun is high in the sky, a pile of its rays stops the atmosphere at almost vertical angles. Shorter wavelengths of light, such as violet and blue, are absorbed more easily by air molecules as compared to the light from longer wavelengths such as red, orange, and yellow. After that, the air molecules scattered the absorbed purple and blue light in our atmosphere in different directions.

Violet light is actually slightly more scattered than blue, but the excessive amount of sunlight entering the atmosphere is blue rather than purple, However, instead of a combination of blue and purple colors, the afternoon sky only appears blue, and that’s because our eyes are more sensitive to blue light than in purple light, that’s why the sky appears blue.

When we see the sun at dawn and dusk on the horizon, that condition is exactly the opposite from the midday. At that time we only see the light which is not scattered in other directions. At that time, the red wavelength of the sunlight that passes through the atmosphere without being scattered much reaches our eyes, instead of strongly scattered blue light.

The longer distance that the sunlight passes through our atmosphere when it is on the horizon increases the effect – when the sun is high in the sky there are more opportunities for the blue light to be scattered and thus at the time of sunset the sun appears red. Sometimes when the sky is polluted, small aerosol particles of sulfate, organic carbon or mineral dust increase the scattering of blue light, and in such conditions sometimes sunset becomes very different and beautiful. As well as water droplets that make the clouds, we enjoy sunrise and sunset to make a red, orange, and yellow tint.

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Hopefully, now you may have understood why the sky is blue? And why does it look red during sunlight and sunset? But still, if you have any questions regarding the color of the sky so you can ask us in the comments section.


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