How To Run Windows Apps On Android Devices With Wine Application

Applications are like machines of internet which makes everything easier for us. They bring everything on our fingertips and that’s why people preferred using applications instead of websites. There are uncountable apps available on internet for each operating system. Most of the applications are released for Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. There are so many common applications which available for every operating system like Facebook, Whatsapp, youtube but there are few applications which available for only one specific operating system so can we use these kinds of applications on other operating systems?? So the answer is yes we can use these kinds of applications, there are some emulators available for that but these are available for Android and Windows only.

Most of the people know about Android emulator, which helps us to run Android apps on windows system but there are only a few people knows that you can use windows application on your Linux, MacOs and android device also. There is an application called WINE APP which offers us to run windows application on other operating systems. Wine application works on Linux and MacOS for a long time and this year it launched for Android also, so let’s see what is Wine 3.0 and how it works for Android…

What Is Wine Application  

Firstly let me clear one thing that Wine is an Android application, not an emulator but it’s work like an emulator and that’s why most of the people confused. Wine application released in 1993 for the iOS operating system then it launched for Linux and MacOS and recently in the starting of this year it launched for Android also. The Wine application is not available on Google play store but you can download it from its official website. With Wine Application, you can run all Windows 32 and Windows RT Application on your Android device. It gives you the full access to the windows applications graphics and audio drivers but it doesn’t give you the Direct3D feature and that creates problems while playing games. The Android version of this application has some restrictions also with supporting apps and device compatibility so let’s see what they are….


There are two types of Android devices which support Wine application, the first one which  ARM CPU based and the second and latest one is INTEL CPU supported device. Most of us are using ARM CPU support Android devices and these devices can only run WinRT windows applications with Wine App. And like that if you’re using X86 Intel supported CPU, it will get you the access on Win32 apps. Wine is not a powerful or full stable android application this time and that’s why it could not give the access in all Windows apps on your Android devices.

How To Connect

Connect the Wine application on your Android device is not so hard, you can do it easily by following these simple steps…

1. Download Wine application from its official website and install the APK file on your Android device.

2. After the installation, run Wine application. Don’t be so hurry It would take some time when you open it first time.

3. Now you can see a computer desktop screen on your mobile with the start menu, recycle bin and others default applications.

4. Now you can install new applications with the help of Control panel and command prompt.


I think now you can familiar with Wine app and it’s connecting process. The main thing which you need to worry about is the right app selection and installation. And if you have any suggestions and feedback for us write down in the comment box or email us.



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