Windows cannot find C:\Program Files\ Microsoft Office 15\Client x64\integratedoffice.exe Error Solution

There are so many useful software or Applications are available for PC and daily their replacement are also inventing but there is still no better replacement for Microsoft Office. Microsoft office continuously giving their services from the year 1990. It is an application which gives you many sub application with it and which are

Microsoft Access    Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Onenote    Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint  Microsoft Project
Microsoft Publisher  Microsoft Visio
OneDrive for Business Microsoft Sway
Microsoft Word    Microsoft Forms


As per It’s name it usually used for office work and It is available for Windows and MacOS operating systems. There is an easy process to Downloading and installing MS Office from their official website but this is also an application like others so it has also some bugs and sometimes you may face problems while installing it or maybe you are facing one this time. So here we are sharing a common problem which comes mostly in installing process of Microsoft Office. So in this problem whenever you trying to install MS Office it shows a error message of “Windows cannot find C:\Program Files\ Microsoft Office 15\Client x64\integratedoffice.exe” and here is the solution.Windows cannot find C:\Program Files\ Microsoft Office 15\Client x64\integratedoffice.exe

Window Can Not Find Office 15 File

This problem mostly comes when we are trying to install MS Office 2013. I know you’re thinking why i am getting this problem so the reason behind this error is sometimes ClickToRun registry key of MS Office gets corrupted and because of that you will not able to install Microsoft Office.

Solution – You have to delete the corrupt key by following these steps..

Step 1 – Open the run command via pressing Window + R and typed their “regedit” and press enter.

Step 2 – Now click on the “Editor” option and then select “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” option.

Step 3 – Then select the software option and then “Microsoft office” and then you will find the “15.0” option.

Step 4 – When you will find “15.0” option, Delete the option because this is the corrupt key which stops you to install MS Office.

Step 5 – Now restart your PC install Microsoft office again and now it will work.

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So this is the easiest solution for resolve this problem and if you still facing the problem after doing this, so write us and we will surely fix your problem.


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