Here Are The Top 3 World’s Fastest Passenger Aircraft…

top 3 worlds fastest passenger aircraft

For the first time when we are going to sit on the plane, we are just excited to fly, to see clouds. We do not think and do not care about the specifications of the plane such as how fast the plane is or services of the plane, etc. Right? But after a couple of trips, when our excitement is over, we begin to pay attention to the characteristics of the plane.

Although there is a lot of features in a plane, but two of which mainly require all passengers are the comfort and speed. Almost all airlines pay attention to Comfort, but Speed is often ignored. For this reason, most people do not expect a passenger aircraft to be fast too. But there are some airlines, who understood the needs of the passengers and make some such planes which are quite fast, and some of them are so fast that they can compete with some fighter planes too. And today we are going to talk about the top 3 planes, which are the world’s fastest passenger aircraft.

Top 3 World’s Fastest Passenger aircrafts

Let’s start with number 3……

Cessna Citation X+

First in our list but it is currently World’s third-fastest third-fastest passenger aircraft. Cessna Citation X+ is the updated version of Cessna Citation X (Model 750), which is an American business jet. Cessna Citation X Announced at the October 1990 NBAA convention. This aircraft first flew on December 21, 1993, and got its type certificate in on June 3, 1996. In 2012 the Cessna Citation X+ was offered with 14 in (360 mm) cabin stretch, better speed, and upgraded control systems. It is a low passenger aircraft, in which only 12 passengers can travel. The maximum speed of Cessna Citation X+ is Mach 0.935 (above 38,393 ft) (1154.538 km/ph). Here are the other characteristics of this plane…

Crew Capacity 2
Passengers Capacity 12
Length 73 ft 7 inces (22.43 mt)
Wingspan 69 ft 2 inches (21.08 mt)
Height 19 ft 3 inches (5.87 mt)
Maximum takeoff weight 36,600 lb (16,601 kg)
Fuel capacity 13,000 lb (5,900 kg)
Wing area 527 square ft (49.0 m2
Empty weight 22,131 lb (10,038 kg)
Maximum speed Mach 0.935 (above 38,393 ft
Cruise speed 528 kn (608 mph; 978 km/h)
Minimum control speed 114 kn (131 mph; 211 km/h) 
Range 3,460 nmi (3,982 mi; 6,408 km)

Introduced in front of the people in 1996, then upgraded in 2012 the Cessna 750 Citation X+ stopped being produced in 2018. From 1996 to 2018, in these 22 years, a total of 338 Cessna Citation X + was delivered, which is quite amazing. And Cessna Citation X + planes are still in service.


Concorde is the world’s second-fastest passenger aircraft so far. Because Tupolev TU 144 was not so successful and it had only worked as a passenger aircraft for one year, so many experts consider Concorde to be the world’s fastest passenger aircraft. Concorde is a French-British turbojet and powered supersonic passenger airliner which developed by BAC (BAE Systems) and Sud Aviation (Aérospatiale). The first flight of Concorde was on 2 March 1969 and this plane introduced to the world on 21 January 1976. Concorde had a maximum speed of 1,354 mph (2,179 km/h) which is almost twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04. Here are the other characteristics of Concorde…

Crew Capacity 3 including 1 flight engineer
Passengers Capacity 92–120
Length 202 ft 4 inches (61.67 mt)
Wingspan 84 ft (25.60 mt)
Height 40 ft (12.19 mt)
Maximum takeoff weight 408,000 lb (185,066 kg)
Fuel capacity 210,940 lb (95,680 kg)
Wing area 3,856 sq ft (358.2 m2)
Empty weight 173,500 lb (78,698 kg)
Maximum speed Mach 2.04 1,354 mph (2,179 km/h)
Cruise speed 1,340 mph (2,157 km/h)
Fuel consumption 46.85 lb/mi (13.20 kg/km)
Range 4,488.04 mi (3,900 nmi; 7,223 km)

The characteristics of this passenger aircraft define the quality of this plane. For the first time being flown in 1969, Concorde Plain debuted as a passenger service for the first time in 1976 and it continued flying for the next 27 years. Concorde retired from its service on 24 October 2003. Three years after the crash of Air France Flight 4590, in which all passenger and crew were killed, in 2003 this type was retired. In 2006, Concorde won the Great British Design Quest organized by the BBC and the Design Museum and in doing so it beat some of the famous designs such as the BMC Mini, the miniskirt, the Supermarine Spitfire, the Jaguar E-Type,  and the London Tube map.

Tupolev TU 144

Tupolev TU 144 worlds fastest passenger aircraft
The first prototype of Tu-144
Source: Aviation Jobs

Tupolev TU 144 is the world’s fastest passenger aircraft so far. This Soviet aircraft developed by the Voronezh Aircraft Production Association and it taste the sky for the first time on December 31, 1968, which was a successful flight. It introduced to the world for the first time on 1 November 1977. And on 26 May 1970 Tupolev TU 144 became the first commercial transport to exceed Mach 2. The top speed of Tupolev TU 144 is 1,429 mph (2,300 km/h). Here are the other characteristics of Tupolev TU 144…

Crew Capacity 3
Passengers Capacity 140
Length 215 ft 7 incehs (65.7 mt)
Wingspan 94 ft 6 inches (28.8 mt)
Height 41 ft 2 inches (12.55 mt)
Maximum takeoff weight 456,357 lb (207,000 kg)
Fuel capacity 205,000 lb (93,000 kg)
Wing area 5,450.3 square ft (506.35 m2)
Empty weight 218,699 lb (99,200 kg)
Maximum speed 1,429 mph (2,300 km/h)
Cruise speed 1,320 mph (2,125 km/h)
Rate of climb 50 m/s (9,800 ft/min)
Range 4,039 mi (3,510 nmi; 6500 km)

Although, despite having such good features, the plane did not succeed as a passenger aircraft. Tupolev Tu-144 Retired from passenger services in 1978. Officials give many reasons for this, but one of the major reason that is, that it got more crashes. One Tu-144 crashed during an airshow in Paris in 1973, in which about 8 people died, after which its development was delayed too. After this, another Tu-144 (a better version, Tu-144D) crashed on the test flight during delivery. After this, the passenger services of this plane was completely closed. After that, the plane continued to operate as a cargo plane until 1983. And now the Tu-144 Plane is playing an important role in the Soviet space program and NASA’s supersonic research.

What About Boom Supersonic?

Boom Supersonic is an upcoming Passenger aircraft, which is still under manufacturing. The time of the launch of Boom Supersonic plane is given from 2025 to 2027. Now the question is, why is this plane made so much in the discussion so long before the launch? And the answer is its speed. According to the team working on the Boom Supersonic, the maximum speed of this passenger aircraft will be Mach Mach 2.2. (2,300 km/h). And if that happens, it would become the world’s second-fastest passenger aircraft so far. And why it was not included in the list of top three fastest passenger aircraft because this aircraft has not yet been launched.

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So these are the top 3 fastest passenger aircraft in the world so far. Hopefully, today’s our article will prove useful to you. Still, if you have any questions about these fastest passenger aircraft in the world, you can ask us in the comments section.


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