Everything About The Journey of World’s Highest Weather Station

highest weather station weather station on highest altitude weather station on everest
Image Credit: National Geographic

Our scientists have installed different weather stations all over the world so that we can get information about every change in the weather. Like many other things in the world, there are also many things about weather stations which we do not know, and one of them is, “Higher Operating Weather Station.” So do you know about the world’s highest weather station, don’t know, so let’s find out…

Height Of World’s Highest Weather Station

The record of the highest altitude weather station has changed a few days ago, when a team of international researchers installed five automated weather stations on the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. All these five weather stations are located at a different altitude, including the world’s highest weather station. Out of these five weather stations, the two highest weather stations are installed in Balcony area (8,430 m) and South Col (7,945 m) and remain three stations were installed at Phortse (3,810 m), Everest Base Camp (5,315 m) and Camp II (6,464 m).

The new weather stations are part of the National Geographic Society’s Perpetual Planet Extreme Expedition, which was attended by various explorers from 8 countries, including 17 Nepali researchers. To work on this project, the National Geographic Society has worked in partnership with Tribhuvan University, and the Government of Nepal, to run this two-month program they raised fund from Rolex.

Journey Of Installing The World’s Highest Weather Station

Installing the weather station above the death zone at the height of 27,658 feet (8,430 meters) where it becomes difficult for a person to breathe, is like a nightmare. But the researchers had already realized this situation, they had already been prepared for it. Each component was already built so that they could be installed quickly. Although all people in this team were experts in their fields, but installing a weather station at such a height was probably the first experience and that’s why they did separate practice for erecting the structure of weather station as quickly and efficiently with the team of six Sherpa.

After crossing all the problems, when the team reached the top, they felt that maybe we would soon execute the installation process, but it was probably not so easy because it was so cold there that the batteries for drilling the station in place were dead. The team filled the batteries in their armpits, crosses and other parts of the body to back them up in life. About this, the Baker Perry (Climate scientist and the part of this team) said that “It was an anti-climatic moment just standing there for 45 minutes,” Baker said.

highest weather station weather station on highest altitude weather station on everest
Image Credit: National Geographic

During the installation process, they suddenly realized that the wind sensors they brought were left in the camp. But maybe that was their day and that’s why a solution came out for this problem also, which was a bit weird, about which Baker Perry said, “We had a shovel with us that had an adjustable handle and we looked at the handle and said ‘gosh, we could use this,’” maybe this the high altitude solution. After installing, the world’s highest weather station, the team also install another weather station at South Col at 26,066 (7,945 meters).

According to a report by National Geographic (NG), during this project “the members of this project also collected the highest-ever ice core, completed the highest-elevation helicopter-based lidar scan, expanded the elevation records for high-dwelling species, and documented the history of the mountain’s glaciers.”

Benefits From World’s Highest Weather Station

This world’s highest weather station can prove to be beneficial for us in many ways. It will be helpful for scientists to get some of the first regular, direct observations of the jet stream. It will also provide regular updates on the mysterious Death Zone, which will help scientists to understand the death zone. Due to place on such a high altitude, this weather station will give information about the situation of the upper sides of Everest, so the researchers and the climbers can be warned before any disaster.

The biggest advantage of putting this weather station at such a height is that it can help in very significant research on climate change. Also, data received from this will become helpful to explore, how Climate Change is affecting our mountains, how fast our glaciers are melting, etc. “Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity and there is still much to learn about how it’s already altered the world, from the deepest parts of the ocean to its tallest mountains,” Jonathan Baillie, executive vice president and chief scientist at the National Geographic Society, said in NG’s report.

highest weather station weather station on highest altitude weather station on everest
Image Credit: National Geographic

But all of this happens only when this world’s highest weather station will continue to work for a long time. Here I mention the word “long time”, because a temperature of about -50 ° C, and winds with a speed of 225 mph, can damage any technology.

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So this is everything about the journey of the world’s highest weather station. Hopefully, today’s our article will prove useful to you. Still, if you any questions regarding world’s highest weather station so you can ask us in the comments section.


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