Youtube Launched Incognito Mode for Android

A few days ago Youtube announced that Youtube is ready to take some serious action against Fake News. Now after that Youtube is on the news trend again because Their new Feature Youtube Incognito Tab for Android users.

Incognito Tab – Most of the us knows about Incognito Tab. Youtube Incognito Tab is a private browsing mode for those who wants privacy. Beacause no matter what you search or what you watched , the history shows nothing when you use Incognito mode. Google Chrome giving this feature to their users from a long time. So if you are enjoying Youtube videos on Youtube Incognito Tab than no one can see what you watched. But it might be possible that your internet connectivity provider , your school and college where you browsing the Youtube apart from your home can see what you watched.

Youtube Incognito Tab Preview

Youtube Incognito Tab doesn’t clear the Youtube history , it’s only stop to create the history of Incognito Mode. Incognito Mode has some Disadvantages too, like you will not receive any notification or suggestions from your subscribed channel. Its like a default Youtube page.

How It Works – So how can we open a Youtube Incognito Tab ? Follow these step to Open an incognito Tab..

1. Login on Youtube with your Gmail id.

2. Click on the profile icon which you can see top of the right side.

Youtube Profile Icon

3. Several options you can see there. Click on the 4th on “Turn on Incognito”.

Turn on Incognito Tab

4. Make sure your internet connection is on. And if you will not get the option update your Youtube App.

5. Now once you entered on Incognito Tab , the profile icon will change into Incognito mode icon.

Youtube Incognito Tab Icon

6. You can inactive Incognito Mode by clicking again on the icon and you will get the option of Turn off Incognito.

Incognito Tab Inactive

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So enjoy the Youtube Incognito Tab feature and secure yourself and your data. This time this feature available for only Android, there is no any announcement for iOs.


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