Youtube Launched New Copyright Match Tool

Most of the Youtubers are suffering from the copyright issue. Every time when the face the problem they appealed but it takes a lot of time to resolve their problem. So Youtube launch their new tool ” Youtube Copyright Match Tool ” for a quick response and fair decision for Youtubers.

Youtube Copyright Match Tool PreviewYoutube Copyright Match Tool is going to launch from the next week. This tool is made for those creators or Youtubeers who has 1,00,000 or more than 1,00,000 subscriber on Youtube. Youtube used another method for copyright issue before this tool , the previous method is so long and sometimes unsatisfied. Copyright tool gives the opportunity to the Youtubers to check the duplicate copy of your content by it by yourself.

Youtube Copyright Match Tool OptionsHow it Works :- Youtube Copyright Match Tool finds the copyright match of big Youtube channels which has more than 100000 subscriber. So when someone steal your content from your Youtube channel and if He/She trying to publish it , You got a message from Youtube that your content is stolen by this id and what you want to do. Youtube gives you Three options for the right action.

1. Complaint about it and ask google to delete the vodeo.

2. Do nothing about it.

3. You can ask the user to Delete the video.

So you can select one suitable option and it Works quickly.

Youtube Copyright Match Tool PreviewContent id is the another Youtube Feature for stop the copyright issues before this new tool . Both of the of tools will works together but the Youtube Copyright Match Tool will work for only Big channels. The main difference between the content id feature and the new match tool feature is that in old copyright cases Youtube informed or warned to the Youtuber who trying to publish stolen content. But the Youtube Copyright Match Tool just opposite from the previous one , because when the tool find any copyright issue it will inform to the original content creator and than the rest decision is coming from the original creator.

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So very soon the new copyright match tool will Launch and than Youtuber gets some relief and they feel strong. It is a great step taken by YouTube to stop Copyright issues.


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