Youtube Paid Subscription Service Launched in India

World’s no. one video portal Youtube launched their paid subscription service in india. In some other countries Paid Subscription Service continuesly works, now all set and it’s ready to work in Indian Youtube portal.

A few years ago Team Youtube launched this service for selected users in india but after that the Feature disappeared.Now this time Google announced that any person who has a channel on YouTube can make a paid subscription or paid membership plan for their viewers.The paid subscription plan is called sponsorship.

There are some terms and conditions for the paid subscription plan but there is only one condition they revealed , the condition is that, ” Any person who has a youtube channel and who wants paid subscription service on his channel holds the count of minimum 1, 00000 subscribers. Means if you want paid subscription service (sponsorship) on your youtube channel so your channel needs 1,00000 subscriber and than you can apply for sponsorship.

In paid subscription plan you have got some options for using this plan on your channel, you can choose one or decide one as per your requirements. There only monthly subscription plans available on Youtube, you can set the price for your channel as per your choice. If your channel meets the criteria you can charge monthly fee of Rs 320, i.e., up to 4.99 dollars from your subscribers to sponsor you.

Any channel which one is using this service can only watch by those subscriber or sponsor who paid the monthly subscription amount. Otherwise people can’t watch the channel’s exclusive content.

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Google made an another announcement that now Youtube channel owner can sell video-making shirts and Mobile phone covers on their channel.


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