Youtube Ready to Take Some Stricts Action on Fake News

A few days ago Whatsapp team announced that they are Launching their new suspicious link detection tool for stop sharing Fake News links . Now world’s no. one Video portal Youtube is also ready to take some serious action against Fake News on youtube Channels.

banned Fake news on Youtube

Youtube team said that Fake news on Youtube are increasing regularly and they are very dangerous and they works like a weapon to the viewers, And youtube also said that we are going to take some serious step to stop sharing or publishing fake news. Youtube team creating a platform where they will check every news with proper sources And if they found any doubt they will send a short message with the video to the viewers. So when viewers watch a suspicious or Fake News on Youtube they will get a message that ” There are some possibility that the news may have some changes”.

Strict action against Fake news on Youtube

Youtube also published that we are working with google news and other local media sources , so we can confirm that the published news video is Fake or not. Youtube also mentioned that Team Youtube works very carefuly with The Breaking news, famous news and news about Religion, because these are the most Targeted content by fake news channels. Youtube strictly monitoring about the sources of every news and they suggest that channels put all the sources name , from where they gets the news so they can rectify Fake News on Youtube and warn viewers.

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On their official Blog youtube published that It is a $25 million project. Youtube communicate with several news companies and news channels and also take the help from Wikipedia and encyclopaedia. It take only a few days and then Fake News on Youtube will no more a big problem , very soon Youtube take some more action about it.


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